Agencies and developers

Refer clients to our service and get paid a commission or receive a discount

Do you have one or more clients that need store or dealer locator services? Agencies receive a 20% discount for their clients from the fees for all our Plans which you can choose to either pass onto the client or receive as a commission.

Some of the features and advantages of our agency services

20% discount for agency accounts

All your client accounts benefit from a 20% discount off our standard pricing plans for the lifetime of the account. This can either be paid to you as a commission or passed onto the client.

Manage all your client accounts with a single login

Once you're registered as an agency we'll set up all your client accounts so they can be managed from a single login. You'll be able to switch between them at the click of a button.

Extended free trial for new client accounts

New accounts benefit from an extended 60 day free trial period to give you more time to get signoff from the client. Need more time? Just ask!


Contact us via chat or email to get started or find out more.