New default Google Maps style announced

The Google Maps JavaScript API team announced on March 18th 2024 that they will be adjusting the default Google Maps style as used by your store locator if you use the Google Maps mapping service.

New and improved ExpressMaps map tiles

ExpressMaps is one of our three built in mapping services and has recently received a major update that improves the amount of map detail at high zoom levels.

Continuous software improvement #6

Part 6 in our continuous software improvement brings you another list of improvements to our store locator software designed to increase the flexibility of our offering so you can customize your locator to your customer or business requirements.

New Feature: Stores page bulk operations

We've added a feature to make it easier to Copy, Rename, Delete, Show or Hide multiple stores in your store list in one go.

New Feature: Account Duplication

Agencies / Designers and our Enterprise customers are now able to duplicate existing accounts when creating a new account.

New Feature: Image Groups, Stacks and Lightboxes

We've added three new image element types to the Layouts page to allow you to add groups of images to your store locator without needing to add an image element for every separate image as was the case previously.

Marker numbering feature now available for ExpressMaps and Mapbox

We've added the popular Marker numbering feature to both ExpressMaps and Mapbox.

New Feature: Limit displayed stores by Country

Ever wanted to configure a view of your store locator which only shows stores in a particular country? This was possible but via our Filters feature but is now made much easier by our new automatic Country selection features.

New feature: Display the number of Stores that each Filter contains in your store locator

By popular request we've added a new feature which shows the number of Stores that each Filter contains in the search bar of your store locator.