New Side by Side Map Info Window View

We've just launched a new setting allowing you to choose a different layout for the window which pops up when you click on a store location marker on the map (or click on the 'Show on Map' button).

Google Chrome geolocation - update

Last week we revealed that the latest version of the Chrome browser which Google released recently had dropped support for geolocation from “insecure origins”, aka HTTPS. We've reviewed the options available for us to continue providing geolocation support to our customers who aren't able to...

Google has dropped support for geolocation from Chrome when HTTPS is not used

The latest version of the Chrome browser (version 50), which Google released recently has dropped support for geolocation from “insecure origins”. What Google mean by an insecure origin is any website which does not use HTTPS to encrypt the connection between the browser and the web server.

Website store locator software breakdown

Here we break down the different types of store locator software available in the marketplace and summarise and order them in terms of their sophistication, cross platform connectivity and features.

What is store locator software?

Store locators are a popular element of the websites of all types of business which have one or more physical premises where product is sold or where they operate from. Whilst the most common term for them is 'store locator software', they are not just used for store locations but to allow...

How to add a Store Locator to your business Facebook page

Integrating a Store Locator in your Business Facebook page can be a valuable way for customers to quickly find their way to your store If you manage, or are building a website for any kind of business with physical premises, then adding a store locator is a great idea. Alternatively, if you sell...

Our Location Management API has been released

Today we're delighted to announce that our Locator Management REST API has been released and is available for all our customers to use. There's a number of possible uses for the API including automating your location management workflow, integration into your website or ERP system.

Displaying a custom selection of locations on different pages

Do you have a requirement to display a custom selection of store locations on different pages on your site? There are a few scenarios where this might be useful such as where you have product pages on your website with an accompanying store locator showing which stores stock those products for sale.

Our new Over and Under Store Locator format is ready to use

For storefronts or websites where you have limited screen real estate available for a Store Locator, our 'Over and Under' Store Locator format could be very useful.