Wordpress Store Locator Software

Our Store Locator Software is built for the Wordpress platform.

Runs on any version of Wordpress from 3.0.1 to versions 5.7.1 and above

Our Wordpress plugin is compatible with Wordpress 3.0.1 or higher and is continously tested with the latest Wordpress versions on release to ensure the best possible store locator experience.

Wordpress Supported

Plugin or HTML embed code installation both supported

You can either user our Wordpress plugin to install our locator or copy and paste our HTML installation code into your web page to install our locator. The plugin method is the simplest and supports basic installation types, and our HTML installation code can be used to create a more custom locator experience with alternate mapping service, setups and designs supported.

Store Locator Widgets Wordpress Plugin

Take complete control of your Wordpress Store Locator

Our Wordpress Store Locator looks fantastic out of the box, but it's also fully customizable to meet your business needs.

Choose from a variety of layouts

We offer full screen map layouts, location lists to the side or below the map, a Mapless design and grid based location lists..

Custom color schemes

Our style editor allows you to set the map color scheme and gives full control of text, background and button colors. No CSS needed!

Multi language support

The Language editor allow you to change all text labels used in your locator and to enable multi-language (full i18n) support if you need it.

Add Product Categories and Filters

Build product locator pages using our Filters feature (Demo). Filters can be checkboxes, dropdown lists or hidden, your choice of course.

Add, remove and rearrange

Add new information to a store, rearrange the order in which it appears or remove it, all via our intuitive drag and drop Layout editor.

Select your country or region

We support locators in every country where Google Maps provides a mapping service (which is pretty much everywhere!)

Installing our Wordpress Store Locator

We support the following installation methods for our Store Locator on Wordpress.

Wordpress Plugin Method - suitable for use with the Google Maps service where you only have a single configuration of our locator on your Wordpress site. Here's the direct link to our Wordpress Store Locator Plugin.

HTML installation code method - suitable for use with Google Maps, Mapbox and ExpressMaps mapping services and where you want to have multiple configurations of our locator on different pages of your Wordpress site.

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