Feature Highlights

Here's a rundown of some of the key features of our locator and service.

Choose from six different layouts to suit your website

Full screen map layouts, location lists to the side or below the locator, mapless locator and grid based location listings, we have a variety of options to allow our locator to integrate perfectly with your website design.

Feature 1

Built in style designer gives you complete creative control of your locator's appearance

Beautiful map color schemes, a button designer, text and background color controls, it's all there for you to adjust to match your business and website branding. Include images alongside your location listings to further complement the design.

Feature 2

Set the wording used by your locator and deploy it in multiple languages

Need a doctor locator, a karate dojo finder, a dealer search tool or something else entirely? No problem, you can change all the wording in your locator to match your business. Need it in three different languages? Add as many as you like! Full i18n and RTL language support included with all plans.

Feature 3

Create brand specific pages or company specific pages on multiple websites

Full screen map layouts, location lists to the side or below the locator, mapless locator and grid based location listings, we have a variety of options to allow our locator to integrate perfectly with your website design. No limits on how many web pages or web sites your locator can be installed on.

Feature 4

Allow store owners to submit their own locations

Simply embed our customizable location submission form in your website and your dealers or store owners can submit their own store locations for inclusion in your locator. We've also added the ability for store owners to edit their own store entries - take yourself out of the loop and empower your store owners to keep their own information up to date.

Feature 5

Multi level Filtering and Categorisation

If you have a complex filtering requirements, such as allowing your customers to search for 3 or 4 bedrooms properties in a townhouse or apartment we are the only locator service which can offer you this capability. Check out our demo here. Or, if you have lots of different filters or product lines, group them into Categories to simplify the options - demo here.

Feature 6

Let your customers rate and review your locations

For those that need it, all plans include a built-in ratings and review system so that your customers can rate the businesses in your locator. Perfect for businesses offering a service that would like to gather independent, moderated reviews. You keep control - all reviews can be moderated before they are published live.

Feature 7

All major mapping platforms supported

We support all 3 major mapping platforms. Don't want to sign up for an API key with Google or Mapbox? No problem, via our partner ExpressMaps we include an API key with all plans which gives you an industry leading free usage quota of up to 100,000 page loads per month. Perfect for high volume customers.

Feature 8

Full analytics coverage included with all Premium+ plans

We record all Search and Click events conducted by users of your locator so you can export and use these metrics to drive actionable insights such as which store locations your customers visit most frequently or where you need to deploy your products new locations.

Feature 9

Need a store locator for all stores in a chain but don't have a store list?

Our store locator can integrate directly with the Google Maps Places API to pull local business data directly into your locator. For example, you could show all Walgreens stores close to the customer or even all local gyms. This feature can also be combined with your uploaded store list. Or, if you just want to show all local pharmacies in your locator? That works too - here's a demo of this in action: here.

Feature 10

Free onboarding service and 24x7 chat and email support

We know that setting up a new service on your website can be a painful process so we provide free 24 hour onboarding support to everyone on our trial. Need help importing a location list or adding our locator to your website? No problem. And the support doesn't end after the trial either, we're always there for our customers.

Feature 11

Full feature list

Here's a more comprehensive look at the features of our locator and service:

Unlimited Traffic
No matter which plan you choose, we don't limit store locator page views or traffic.
Automatic Geolocation
Choose whether customers are automatically geolocated on the map when the store locator loads, which allows you to immediately display the closest store to their current location.
Distance Calculations
Built in real-time distance calculator showing the distance to each store in miles or kilometres.
Not just a Store Locator
You're not just limited to a store locator. As all text - buttons, links, titles etc - is customizable, you can use it to host any kind of locator - dealers, distributors, doctors and teachers, the list of what our customers have used us for goes on.
Multi-country support
Define starting map view and address search regions to suit where your business premises are located. Our locator works in every country that Google Maps supports (which is almost all!)
Search Filters & Categories
Create clickable checkbox or dropdown list search filters for your stores with options like "Open 24 Hours" or "Wheelchair Accessible". If you have lots of Filters, group them by Category.
Show Directions
Customers can get directions from their location to any of your locations with one click. Directions are inside the store locator so your customers don't need to leave your store. On mobile show directions natively in Apple or Google Maps.
Flexible Search Options
We support address based search (search by address, zip or postal code, or just city) and / or Location details search (search by any details contained within the store information).
Fully Customizable
Customize the look and feel of the Store Locator. Font colors, drop pin, change the units from KM to Miles, customize your map size, where it starts geographically and much more in our Appearance Editor.
Multilingual Support
Customize all the titles, wording, button text, results text. Change the wording to fit your style or even change everything to your language of choice!
Responsive design
Designed from the ground up to be responsive with a beautiful touch mobile layout that looks great on all screen sizes. Our fully responsive design is suitable for phones, tablets and any kind of small screen device.
Multi-platform Support
We support every major CMS, eCommerce platform or just plain web server including Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, 3dCart, OpenCart, Squarespace, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix and it also integrates with servers running PHP. ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails and more.
Powerful Analytics Suite
(Premium+ plans only) Visualize where customers want your product on a heatmap and in a detailed report. See where customers are searching but not finding your stores. Export it all to CSV, PDF or Excel.
Customize your map
Custom markers / pins - choose from our selection or upload your own. Add multiple map markers so you can differentiate location types. Custom colors and map styles are all available out of the box.
Sync store list with Google Sheets
We now support automatic synchronisation with Google Docs Sheets. Update your store data in Google Sheets and your Store Locator will automatically updates it's store list, no uploads required.
Allow store submission to your locator
Let your retailers / stockists submit their own store location
Our store location submission form can be embedded on your own web page allowing retailers to submit their own store to be added to your store locator.
REST API Location Management
If you'd like to integrate your location management workflow with our systems, we offer a REST based API which makes this easy.
Free Image uploading and hosting
All plans include unlimited free image uploading and hosting. Upload images to our lightning fast content delivery network for use in your locator.
Marker clustering and paging support
If you have a large number of map markers, marker clustering and paging can be used to eliminate map clutter and improve the appearance of your locator.
Custom ordering and prioritisation
Custom location ordering and prioritisation
You can choose the order in which locations are listed when your locator first loads and define prioritisation rules so that certain locations are listed above others in search results.
Custom location field search
Add an additional search field to your locator which can search within your location details, instead of just searching by address. For example, search by store name or description.
Layout manager and custom field support
You have complete control over the order in which the fields of your location are listed. Need more fields? Add as many as you like and place them where you need in your locator.
Rating and Review system
Add a star rating and the ability for your website visitors to review each of the locations listed in your locator. Maintain full editorial control by moderating reviews before they are published to your locator.
MapBox, OpenStreetMap and Google Maps Support
While Google Maps is the industry standard, our widget also supports both MapBox and OpenStreetMap. We provide a free OpenStreetMap API key with all plans that you can use with your locator if you don't want to sign up for a Google Maps or Mapbox API key.
Automatic location de-duplication
Enable automatic location de-duplication on your bulk location imports or on your automatic sync from a Google sheet. Set and forget and never have to worry about manually checking and removing duplicate location entries again.
Image based Filtering
Instead of just text, you can also use Images for Filters. For example, use brand logos to allow customers to find the stores stocking a particular brand.
Open Now / Closed Now
If you add opening and closing times to your store listings, your locator can automatically tell your visitors if the store is currently open or closed. You can also add a control so customers can choose to display only those stores which are currently Open.