Need an easy to deploy store locator for your website?

Our Store Locator Widget is perfect for novice developers and experts alike.

Get started in minutes with no coding

Get your Store Locator up and running by simply pasting a code snippet into your website or online store platform.

Integrate with any platform

We have integrations for all the most common online store platforms - Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, Wordpress, Weebly, Wix, 3Dcart, Facebook and more.

Powerful Google Maps with Geolocation

Our powerful Store Locator supports automatic geolocation, autocompleting address search, distances in miles or kms, search within radius and more.

Unmetered Usage

We don't limit or meter usage and our plans support up to 100,000 locations served via a single locator. Great for Stores, Dealerships, Distributors and much more!

Simple store management

Get started quickly with our bulk store upload tool and manage your store listings using our simple online editor - no coding required!

Fully Customizable

Customize the look and feel of the Store Locator - colors, fonts, descriptions, language, distance units, map size - everything!

Feature list

Our simple to integrate Store Locator widget still has the best features on the market - here's a few of them:

Unlimited Traffic
No matter which plan you choose, we don't limit store locator page views or traffic.
Automatic Geolocation
Choose whether customers are autoamtically geolocated on the map when the store locator loads, which allows you to immediately display the closest store to their current location.
Not just a Store Locator - we support any kind of location requirement
You're not just limited to a store locator. As all text - buttons, links, titles etc - is customizable, you can use it to host any kind of locator - dealers, distributors, doctors and teachers, the list of what our customers have used us for goes on.
Search Filters
Create clickable search filters for your stores with options like "Open 24 Hours" or "Wheelchair Accessible" and more!
Distance Calculations
Built in real-time distance calculator showing the distance to each store in miles or kilometres.
Customers can get directions from their location to any of your locations with one click. Directions are inside the store locator so your customers don't need to leave your store.
Flexible Search Options
Search by address, zip or postal code, or just city.
Fully Customizable
Customize the look and feel of the Store Locator. Font colors, drop pin, change the units from KM to Miles, customize your map size, where it starts geographically and much more.
Multilingual Support
Customize all the titles, wording, button text, results text. Change the wording to fit your style or even change everything to your language of choice!
Responsive Mobile-friendly design
Right out of the box Store Locator Pro comes with a beautiful touch mobile layout that looks great on all devices. It's fully responsive design is suitable for phones, tablets and any kind of small screen device.
Multi-platform Support
We support Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, 3dCart, OpenCart, Squarespace, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix and just about every other platform out there. Store Locator Pro integrates with sites written in any language - HTML, PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP, .NET and more.
Powerful Analytics Suite
(Premium and Ultimate plans only) Visualize where customers want your product on a heatmap and in a detailed report. See where customers are searching but not finding your stores. Export it all to CSV, PDF or Excel.
Supports Google Maps customizations
(Ultimate plans only) Custom markers / pins - choose from our selection or upload your own. Multiple markers so you can differentiate location types. Custom colors and map styles are all available out of the box.
Set the initial Map location
Set the start zoom and location for the map. Preload all the map pins or not, your choice.
Prevent competitors from stealing your list
Limit the number of results returned per search so competitors can't get your full distribution list.
Synchronise with Google Docs
We now support automatic synchronisation with Google Docs Sheets. Update your date in a single sheet and your Store Locator automatically updates it's store list.
Let your retailers / stockists submit their own store location
Our store location submission form can be embedded on your own web page allowing retailers to submit their own store to be added to your store locator.
REST API Location Management
If you'd like to integrate your location management workflow with our systems, we offer a REST based API which makes this easy.
Free Image uploading and hosting
All plans include free image uploading and hosting. Upload images to our lightning fast content delivery network for use in your locator.

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