We added an integration with Airtable to our store locator

We've added a new Airtable integration so that you can set up automatic scheduled syncs from an Airtable table to your store list.

Store Locator Translations now available

We've added built in translations for the most popular languages used in our store locator. Now, adding your store locator to a new region is practically instant.

Accessing your Search and Click data inside Google Sheets via JSON

JSON is a standard protocol for sending data between applications and it can be used to access your store locator's Search and Click data inside a Google Sheets automatically. This allows you to automate the process of analysing your store locator performance and generate your own custom business...

Switch themes with the new Theme Switcher

The default appearance of our store locator has evolved a number of times over the years since it's original release in 2014. You can now switch between these major appearance changes using the Theme switcher in our admin console.

Change the wording in your Review form

We've added the ability to change the wording and / or language of the store review popup

New Feature: Combined Address and Location search

You've been able to add both Address and Location search fields to your locator for some time; now you can combine both of these input fields into a single Combined search field.

New Feature: High resolution (Retina) Map Markers

We've always offered the ability to upload your own map marker pins in PNG format. Now, you can upload them at Retina (2x) quality for better appearance on high resolution displays and also set the map anchor position.

New Feature: Account Delegation

Today we launched a new Account Delegation feature which allows you to create an unlimited number of permissioned sub accounts to delegate management of your store locator. For example, give access to manage the location list only to the team member responsible.

New Feature: Full Open Now / Closed Now and Filtering

We're really pleased to finally announce this feature which is in two main parts - firstly, you can now add an element to your locator which shows whether each store is currently Open or Closed. And secondly, you can also add a button or Filter checkbox to allow customers to see only Stores that...