New Feature: Account Delegation

Today we launched a new Account Delegation feature which allows you to create an unlimited number of permissioned sub accounts to delegate management of your store locator. For example, give access to manage the location list only to the team member responsible.

New Feature: Full Open Now / Closed Now and Filtering

We're really pleased to finally announce this feature which is in two main parts - firstly, you can now add an element to your locator which shows whether each store is currently Open or Closed. And secondly, you can also add a button or Filter checkbox to allow customers to see only Stores that...

Continuous software improvement #5

Part 5 in our continuous software improvement brings you another list of improvements to our store locator software designed to increase the flexibility of our offering so you can customize your locator to your customer or business requirements.

You can now give Store owners the ability to manage their own store information

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new feature which allows you to add a form to your website so that store owners who stock your product can submit their own stores for inclusion in your locator. This has been a really popular feature request so we're very happy to be able to deliver this!

New Feature: You can now add Images to your Filters

This one has been in the works for a while now and we know that a number of you have been waiting for this feature: Filters can now be Images or Images with text instead of simply text. So, you could now use an image of your product to allow customers to display all locations stocking that product...

New feature: instant location search

We added a neat new feature today which is a different way to show location search results when you have Location search enabled for your locator. Location search is a way to search by the details of your location list instead of by address. For example, you can search by store name, store address...

We've integrated the store submission process with Google Sheet sync

For those of you who use both our store submission form to gather store data for your locator and who also use (or wish to use) our Google Sheet Sync feature to synchronise your list of stores from a Google Sheet, we've got some good news for you. Up until today these two features didn't play...

Mapbox pricing changes

We've received some great news for those of you who have chosen or are planning to choose Mapbox for the mapping service for your store locator. Read on for more on how this change will affect you.

Two new Open Street Map map styles released - Pastel and Topographique

Thanks to our partners at MapTiler we've released two new map color schemes for Open Street Map today.