Recently announced Google Maps platform changes

You may have recently received (or are about to receive) an email from Google announcing pricing changes to the Google Maps Platform. This platform is used by our Store Locator service and the pricing changes are planned to take place from June 11 onwards.

How to add Print Map and Save Image buttons to your Google Map or Store Locator

We're going to describe in this blog article how to add buttons to your Store Locator software or to the Google Map that is located on your website which will allow visitors to Print the map and / or to Save an Image of the map to a PNG (or other image format) file.

Rating and Reviews can now be added to your locator

We've had a few requests over the years to integrate third party rating and review widgets with our store locator which we've been happy to help our customers with as part our free onboarding service. However, it's always been a less than ideal solution as the integration between two independent...

New Styling and Button Designer released

We're delighted to announce the new look Appearance section in our admin console which now includes the ability to interactively customize the colors and buttons in your Store Locator.

New map marker images released

We added 15 new map markers to our list of standard markers

Everything you ever wanted to know about HTML5 Geolocation Accuracy

When it works, automatic HTML5 geolocation is a wonderful feature which allows your web browser to inform the web server whose web page that you are browsing where you are so it can provide locally relevant content to you. However, there are a large number of factors that this feature is dependent...

Improving map appearance for large numbers of locations with Map Marker Clustering

When you have a large number of map markers in a particular area, the map display can appear overly confusing and cluttered. A solution for this which we are now announcing is to combine markers of close proximity into clusters, simplifying the display of markers on the map.

Setting the order in which locations are listed at page load

One question we're frequently asked is set the order in which locations are listed when the store locator first loads. Up until now, this was only possible by making a change in the Bulk Import file or by manually setting the Display Order for each location, however we've released a new update to...

Improving the resolution of marker images

Today we added some new functionality to the Advanced page to allow you to set the size and width of a marker and also to update the image file.