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Continuous software improvement #2

author Bella Rich, September 3rd, 2018

So that we can continuously improving our Store Locator software, we regularly add new features that have been requested by our customers and of course fix any bugs that have been reported. Individually these wouldn't necessitate an individual blog post to announce them, so instead we bundle these changes up into a single list and announce them here in our blog. This is part 2 in the series.

Added YouTube links to layout and widget

You can now add YouTube URL Custom Elements to the Layout page and these will appear in your Store Locator with the YouTube icon next to them.

Searches, Heatmap and Activity pages now have a date range selector

We were asked to add a date range selector to these three pages that are part of our data analytics section so that you can view information within a specific date range instead of all search data being shown. This gives you fine grained control over which search data you are seeing and the Searches page allows you to download this.

At the same time we made some major improvements to the performance of our search data software so that this data is loaded much more quickly (around 10x more quickly in most cases).

PayPal payment support added

Some of you prefer to pay via PayPal instead of credit card so we added support for this. Contact us via the usual channels if you'd like to pay via PayPal.

Added support for showing a particular store on page load

You can use the slwstore parameter in the URL of your store locator or the data-store parameter in the HTML install code to tell your locator to show a particular store at page load. Please follow these links on Using URL parameters to alter store locator software behavior and Using HTML embed code parameters to alter store locator software behavior.

Added GoDaddy Website Builder support

Previously GoDaddy Website Builder was an unsupported platform due to issues with the way that external scripts are supported on that platform. The good news is that our development team has worked out a solution for this and added full support for our locator to GoDaddy.

That's all for part 2. Stay tuned for part 3 coming soon.

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