Limiting address autocompletion to specific countries

When you start typing an address into the input field at the top of our locator, it will pop up a list of suggested addresses which match the partial address that you've entered. Until now, the ability to limit the suggested addresses to specific countries has been somewhat limited but we've just...

Customizing the My Location marker

Just a quick update to let you know that you can now customize the My Location marker. This is the pin marker that is displayed when a customer searches for a location or if they click on the 'My Location' button to automatically geolocate themselves on the map.

New location prioritization features

We've had a few requests recently to allow locations to be prioritized in the list of stores depending on certain criteria. For example, you might want a particular location to always show at the top of your store list (if, for example it is an Online store) or perhaps only to show when there are...

Add additional section headers into your Store Locator

Another little addition to help you organize your Filters, section headers are used to separate groupings of Filters under a heading name. For example, you might want to show department types on one row of checkboxes then store facilities on a separate row under the heading 'Facilities'.

Add spacing into your Filter checkbox layouts

We've had a few requests to change the layout of the Filter checkboxes to permit different categories of Filter to appear in different rows. This new feature added to our Filter

Managing Child Accounts

Today we're launching child accounts which are a new feature for Agencies and our Enterprise account customers which allow you to create and manage child accounts, each of which has it's own separate locator.

Upload images to your store locator

This feature has been a long time coming but we're delighted to announce that you can now upload images to use within your store locator. There's no usage limits and it's available across all our plans at no additional cost.

Add Marker labels onto your map

A little feature that one of our customers asked for which we think could be useful for many of our other customers - marker labels on the map are now available for general use.

Reordering Category Filters and Product lists feature launched

Category Filters are a powerful tool to allow your customers to be able to select from a list of store features or find locations which stock a particular product. Until now it wasn't possible to change the order in which Filters / Products were listed - today, that's changed with our new feature...