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Improving the resolution of marker images

author Bella Rich, November 16th, 2017

Today we added some new functionality to the Advanced page to allow you to set the size and width of a marker and also to update the image file.

We tested using SVG markers but ran into some issues which made us decide not to pursue that route. The main issue was that markers were getting cut off when the map was resized (a known issue) which required them to be redrawn whenever the map was resized. Due to the potential for slowing down the user interface when this resizing takes place we decided not to do this.

Instead, you can upload an oversized PNG image and then set it's size on the Advanced page - this works the same as how Retina / 2x images can be displayed in regular web pages. For example, upload a 60x30px image and set it's size to 30x15px and you'll benefit from the higher resolution at higher zoom levels.

To set the marker size, click on the edit link to the right of it and enter in it's new size.

We also added the ability to update a marker image without having to create a new marker and then update all stores that use that marker to the new marker manually (or via Bulk Export, changing in Excel then reimporting). To do this, click on the Edit link next to the marker and choose the file upload dialog. All stores will be updated immediately to use the new marker image.

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