Canada post codes added to our instant search database

As you may know, we added the capability to search only by US zip code from within our Store Locator. By popular request, we've now added the additional capability to search by Canadian post codes as well giving full coverage to North America.

New Custom Element and Custom Layout support

We've recently added the capability to more comprehensively customise the appearance of your store locator by changing the order in which fields are displayed and also to add your own custom fields.

Free customisation service for location submission forms

A few months ago we added a new feature which allows you to accept store locator submissions from third parties. This works great where you want your product stockists / independent location owners to submit their own location to your Store Locator.

Google Maps now require an API key for newly added store locators

Google have just announced some changes relating to usage of their Google Maps API. We'll explain how this potentially impacts you and what your next steps should be.

Calling all Web design agencies...

Are you a web design agency who have one or more clients that need a store or dealer locator service? In that case, we've just launched a new affiliate scheme for agencies to allow you to receive a significant discount for your clients. Read on for more...

Creating product locator pages using filtering

One of the questions we get commonly asked is "Can I set up my Store Locator so that our customers can filter based on the type of product a store sells?". The short answer is yes you can and in this blog article we explain how this is done.

US Zip code searching only is now available

We've had a number of requests from our US customers to add an option for zip code only searching in our Store Locator software. The good news? We've just released this as a new feature.

New Side by Side Map Info Window View

We've just launched a new setting allowing you to choose a different layout for the window which pops up when you click on a store location marker on the map (or click on the 'Show on Map' button).

Google Chrome geolocation - update

Last week we revealed that the latest version of the Chrome browser which Google released recently had dropped support for geolocation from “insecure origins”, aka HTTPS. We've reviewed the options available for us to continue providing geolocation support to our customers who aren't able to...