New Support guide: Using the Bulk Export / Import features to make bulk changes to your location list

Ever wondered the best approach to make a large number of changes to your list of store locations? Our new Support guide explains exactly this.

Google Maps Geocoding Strategies and Quotas Explained

There seems to be a fair amount of confusion in developer-land about how best to take advantage of Google Maps geocoding quotas as evidenced by the number of tickets relating to this topic on StackOverflow. To be fair to developers, Google have not exactly covered themselves in glory by explaining...

We’ve added a new Feature – instant Restore points

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted your list of stores or wanted a way to quickly undo some changes that you’ve made, we’ve now added this functionality to our admin pages.

Improvements to the Store Locator Import Process

Bulk Imports and Bulk Updating store lists are two of the most common areas where we have been asked to provide support or guidance. We’ve listened to your comments and suggestions in this area to bring you some improvements to make this process simpler, more reliable and more intuitive to use.

Welcome to the Store Locator Widgets Blog

Today we're delighted to be announcing the launch of the Official Store Locator Widgets Blog!