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Allowing store owners to add new locations to your Store Locator from your Website

author Tim Petersen, January 11th, 2016

We’ve had a number of customer requests for a way to add new locations to their Store Locator from their Website. Here we talk about why this is needed and a way in which we are proposing to add this functionality.

The key scenario in which our customers have said this would be useful is you would like to permit store owners that stock your product to submit their own store to be included in your store locator via your website. This would be really helpful where you don’t have a comprehensive list of all stores that stock your product – for example, if a large distributor or a store chain distribute your product and they don’t provide you with a list of locations to which your product has been distributed (or the list is out of date or incomplete).

We’ve discussed possible approaches to add this capability to your websites and our preferred approach and the one that we are currently pursuing is to publish a submission form via embedded widget (similar to the way in which our widget is embedded) which will submit entries to a review section of the store locator administration console. You will then be able to review each store location submission from your website and make any changes that are required prior to adding it to your store locator.

We’ll be developing this approach and expect to deliver it by the end of January into Beta. Once this new feature is available we’ll let you know via another blog post.

Please feedback on our proposed approach either via the Discus chat feature below or with one of our customer support representatives.

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