Continuous software improvement #1

In the spirit of continuously improving our store locator service, we regularly make changes to fix software bugs that have been reported or to add new features that have been requested by our customers. Individually these wouldn't necessitate an individual blog post to announce so we're bundling...

Add a store name search field to your locator

We've added the ability to add a search field to your locator which will search for a matching store name inside your list of stores.

Now Apple have dropped support for geolocation from Safari when HTTPS is not used

Following closely in Google's tracks with the limitations on geolocation in Chrome version 50, Apple have now dropped support for geolocation from “insecure origins” in the latest Safari builds Again, an insecure origin means any website which does not use an SSL certificate to encrypt the...

We've updated the Activity page to include detailed charts

By popular request we've made a number of major enhancements to the Activity page. Gone is the simple table of searches per day and in it's place we've included charts which break down the number of location searches conducted in your locator by different timescales.

Open Directions in Google Maps

A quick update to let you know that we've added an additional option that will open Directions inside an external Google Maps window instead of inside our locator.

A new type of Filtering

There's a couple of ways in which visitors to your store locator might like to filter the list of locations in your locator. Firstly, they might like to see all locations which might one or another filter. For example, they would like to see all locations which sell one product or another. The...

Custom Search Distances

We've just introduced an easy way to customize the search distances available inside your store locator so that you can define precisely which search distances your customers can choose from when narrowing down their search for your locations.

New agency client management features

We've added some new tools to improve the way that you can manage your agency accounts. Now, as an agency you will have a separate page in your admin console which will list all your agency accounts.

Print Directions Customizations now available

We've added Print Directions to our new Custom Layouts and added the option to display them in a new browser window.