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Add Marker labels onto your map

author Bella Rich, February 23rd, 2017

A little feature that one of our customers asked for which we think could be useful for many of our other customers - marker labels on the map are now available for general use.

A marker label is a text label with the name of the location and it is shown to the right of the marker pin on the map. Here's an example of one:

They're useful particularly where you want to show the location name alongside the map marker. They are enabled using the following setting:

The different numbers allow you to control the Google Maps zoom level at which you want the marker labels to be displayed. A common reason for setting this to a higher value is so that the map is not cluttered with hundreds of labels. Depending on how many locations you have and how densely they are populated, you may want to tweak this number up or down so it appears best in your locator.

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