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What is store locator software?

author Bella Rich, April 18th, 2016

Store locators are a popular element of the websites of all types of business which have one or more physical premises where product is sold or where they operate from. Whilst the most common term for them is 'store locator software', they are not just used for store locations but to allow customers to find the physical location of any types of physical premise.

Customers depend on the store locator to quickly find their way to the closest location to purchases product or receive a service. Typically, the way they operate is broadly similar. Customers can search either by manually entering an address (by ip code, postcode, city, state, town etc) or by using the automatic geolocation service built into their computer or mobile phone to automatically find the location closest to their current whereabouts.

With an ever increasing proportion of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it's critical that any Store Locator software is fully responsive so that it works perfectly on any screen size on any type of device in any type of browser to ensure that all devices can use the service. It's also important that the Store Locator software is able to leverage native Google and Apple maps mapping and directions capabilities so that customers can use the familiar routing and directions technologies built into these platforms which offer a better experience than purely web browser based directions and routing.

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