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We’ve added a new Feature – instant Restore points

author Tim Petersen, December 15th, 2015

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted your list of stores or wanted a way to quickly undo some changes that you’ve made, we’ve now added this functionality to our admin pages.

Our system is now taking an automatic backup of all of our customer’s store lists at 1am EST (Eastern Standard Time) every day. There are a number of possible scenarios where you might want to perform a restore to this backup:

  • If you have accidentally pressed the ‘Delete All’ button and deleted all your stores and need to recover the list.
  • If you have performed a Bulk Import and deleted all your existing stores then later realised you have made a mistake with the import and need to quickly recover.
  • Any other situation where you have deleted, edited or in some way made changes to your store list that needs to be undone.

To perform a restore, go to the Stores page in your Admin console. You will see a red button called ‘Restore’. If this button is pressed, it will, after first prompting you to confirm that you are sure, restore your list of store locations to a backup taken at 1am EST. This change will be immediately reflected in your store locator widget.

This new feature came from a customer suggestion so if there are any further suggestions for new features out there, please do let us know via the usual channels!

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