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Enhancements to Address and Location list autocompletion

author Bella Rich, December 19th, 2018

We've just released a number of small enhancements to the address and location list autocompletion when using either Mapbox or OpenStreetMap maps or when using our location search autocompletion feature. These are two fairly small updates individually but together represent a significant improvement in the usability and flexibility of autocompletion in our store locator software platform.

First, let's look at the address autocompletion enhancement. Address autocompletion is the process of taking the letters that have been typed in the address search field and automatically suggesting possible address matches using a global list of addresses (or country specific if you have chosen to limit the countries which are being searched). Here's an example of address completion taking place without the changes made:

And here's how it looks with the new enhancements - automatic bolding of the matching text, separation of the results with lines and improved font readability:

Secondly, let's look at the location search enhancement. One of the options available when you add a location search field to your locator is that you can choose which store fields to search inside when the user types in the search field as shown here:

In this example, anything that is typed into the location search field in your locator will be matched to either the store name OR the store address. Now, prior to this enhancement, there was no indication within the list of stores where in the store information the text was matched. For example, if the searched text only matched inside the address field, it just showed the matching store name only. First, you'll need to enable the new Setting called 'Show addition location fields':

Here's an example of searching for a piece of text which was matched to an address prior to this enhancement:

And here it is once the new setting is Enabled:

Hopefully you'll see a big improvement in readability and usability from this software enhancement!

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