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New Feature: Embed Code Builder

author Bella Rich, February 17th, 2019

Over the years we've added the ability for our locator software's behavior to be customized by setting parameters in the HTML installation code. For example, you can control the starting map position, language, which Filters and Categories are enabled when the locator loads and which Filters and Categories are hidden from view. The number of parameters that we now support has started to become confusing so we've built an embed code builder page to make this far simpler to set up.

You can reach the new Embed Code Builder from either the 'Add to your Website' page and clicking on the 'Custom Embed Code Builder' button or by visiting this page directly: https://www.storelocatorwidgets.com/admin/embedcodebuilder.

You can build as many custom embed codes as you like for different pages on your website (or for multiple websites). For example, you can use it to hide specific locations from being displayed using the 'Hidden Filters' setting and / or Preset which locations are shown using the 'Preset Filters' setting. Here's an example of a scenario where that might be useful:


You have separate websites for different countries and the website for each country and customers need to be able to Filter results on each country by brand.


In this scenario you would add Filter values to each store location for the country (or countries) in which that store is situated. You would add a second Filter value containing the brand name(s) sold at the store.

Using the Embed Code Builder we hide all of the country Filters from the locator and preset and lock the France filter on. This means all the country Filters will be hidden when the locator loads and only locations in France will be shown. Customers will still be able to choose the brand Filters to display only locations stocking that brand:

For your reference you can find a full list of the available embed code parameters here: https://www.storelocatorwidgets.com/supportarticle?title=Using%20HTML%20embed%20code%20parameters%20to%20alter%20store%20locator%20software%20behavior

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