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Continuous software improvement #4

author Bella Rich, July 3rd, 2019

Part 4 in our continuous software improvement brings you another list of improvements to our store locator software designed to increase the flexibility of our offering so you can customize your locator to your customer or business requirements.

NEW Feature: Expand map to show all stores in list

We've added another option that gives your store locator more flexibility when showing the results of a search. When enabled, this setting will automatically expand the map to show all stores that are listed in the store list on the left hand side or below the map. To enable this setting, go to the Settings page and change the option 'Search Zoom Level' to 'Expand map to show all stores in list' as shown below:

NEW Feature: Random initial sort order

You might want to randomize the order in which stores are shown in the store list to ensure that the businesses that are listed receive their fair share of views from prospective customers. To enable this setting, go to the Settings page and change the option 'Sort order when locator first loads' to 'In random order' as shown below:

NEW Feature: Marker numbering

One commonly requested feature was the addition of marker numbers to the marker pins on the map so that customers can cross reference a number shown against each entry in the store list to the marker pin on the map. We've added this feature for Google Maps only for now; when our mapping service providers make it feasible we'll also add this for OpenStreetMap and MapBox. To enable this setting, go to the Settings page and change the option 'Marker Numbering' to 'Enabled'. Here's how this looks when enabled:

NEW Feature:  Bottom of list priority setting

We've had a priority setting to always show stores at the top of the store list; now we've added a priority setting to always show stores at the bottom of the store list. To set this for an individual store edit the store in the admin console and set 'Priority' to 'Always show at bottom of listing' as shown below. Alternatively, in your import file add a column called priority_type and set it's value to 'Bottom'.

Minor updates and changes

  • When the Reset button is added to your locator, this button now resets filters to their initial setting.
  • When returning to the search results after viewing Directions on Google Maps, the scroll position of the store list is retained.
  • The My Location button now adds the address that was found to the search field when the OpenStreetMap Places lookup service is used.
  • The user location and destination store markers are now hidden when showing Directions on Google Maps to avoid overlapping issues with the extra marker pins shown by the Directions service.
  • The map bounds are automatically adjusted to show the Directions start and end points when showing Directions on Mapbox and OpenStreetMap.
That's all for now and please keep your suggestions for new features coming!

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