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New feature: instant location search

author Bella Rich, January 24th, 2020

We added a neat new feature today which is a different way to show location search results when you have Location search enabled for your locator. Location search is a way to search by the details of your location list instead of by address. For example, you can search by store name, store address or any one of the fields (including custom elements) that hold data for your locations.

Before this feature was added, the search results were shown in an autocompletion list below the location search field which allows users to choose the matching store that they were looking for. This new feature instead instantly updates the store list with the set of stores which match the searched text.

To enable this setting for your locator, go to the Settings page and set ‘Search fields’ to ‘Location details search only’ or 'Both address and location details search' then set ‘Search results’ to ‘Update store list’. Then, on the Preview page you should see that as you type into the location search field it should immediately the store list.

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