Common upload problems

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Columns in the import spreadsheet are imported into the wrong fields in the console

This is the most common problem where, for example, the telephone number data is imported into the fax number field. To fix this it's important that the columns in your import file must be kept in the same order as in the sample import sheet. If you don't want to upload data for a particular column, leave that column blank rather than deleting it.

Addresses aren't being uploaded correctly

There are two ways to import address information - firstly, by adding the complete store address into the 'AddressComplete' field. If this field is completed, ALL the other address fields are ignored. This works great if you don't want to split out all the parts of each address into separate fields.

The second way is to enter address data into the Address 1,Address 2,Address 3,Address 1, State / County, Zip / Postal Code and Country fields.

As always, we're very happy to help you with the import process so just drop us an email or contact us via Intercom (the icon at the bottom left of your screen).