How do I install Store Locator Widgets on Adobe Muse

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1. Click here to get your embed code, highlight it and copy it to your clipboard.

2. In Plan view, double-click the page thumbnail that you'd like to install our store locator on to open the page and edit it in Design view.

3. Click in the middle of the empty page and use one of the following methods to embed the HTML code:

- Choose Edit > Paste or use the keyboard shortcut (Command+V for Mac or Control+V for Windows) to paste the code directly on the page.
- Choose Object > Insert HTML. Click inside the field of the Edit HTML window that appears and paste the content. Click OK to close the Edit HTML window.

Note: In most cases, Muse will recognize HTML code and will automatically embed the HTML you paste directly on the page. However, if you see the code on the page, instead of the content from the third-party website, then try choosing Object > Insert HTML instead.

After embedding the HTML code, you'll see a blue bounding box with handles surrounding the store locator HTML that you just pasted.

1. Use the Selection tool to drag the handles to resize the store locator, so that it spans approximately 80% of the page width. Center the store locator on the page - blue measurement rectangles display the distance from other objects. A red alignment guide briefly appears to indicate when the selected object is centered vertically.

2. Resize and position the store locator on the page.

That's all that is required to embed HTML into Muse pages. If you ever want to edit the HTML code, you can right-click on an embedded HTML element and choose Edit HTML from the context menu that appears. This opens the Edit HTML window so that you can access the code you pasted earlier.

Now it's time to review the changes you made to the store locator page:

Choose File > Preview Page in Browser to see the store locator page display in a new browser window.

Note, your Adobe Muse site must be uploaded to your website for our store locator to work!