How do I install Store Locator Widgets on Facebook

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1. Click here to get your embed code, highlight it and copy it to your clipboard.

Before starting, please note the following restrictions:

a) Facebook recently changed its API and is no longer allowing Pages with fewer than 2k Likes to install custom tabs which are required to use any third party script such as our store locator.

b) Facebook blocks the use of third party scripts on their pages when running on mobile devices. This means, the only way to have a store locator on Facebook on mobile devices is to provide a link to a store locator running on a page which is not hosted Facebook. Our store locator provides this link automatically but I did want you to know about this up front as it's not an ideal solution and I'm afraid Facebook have no plans to change this. You can embed our locator on as many web pages as you like to so there would be no additional cost involved in having a locator on both your Facebook page and your company home page.

If you would still like to proceed, here's the installation process:

2. Add the Static HTML iFrame tab to your Facebook page (search for 'HTML' in the search bar), select 'Static HTML: iFrame tabs' and choose which Facebook page you would to add it to (usually your Business page).
3. Edit the tab content and paste in your embed code from step 1.
4. Save the content by clicking 'Save & Publish' (rename the Tab if you like to 'Store Locator' or whatever) and you're done.