How do I install Store Locator Widgets on GoDaddy

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1. Click here to get your embed code, highlight it and copy it to your clipboard.

2. Create a new page to hold your Store Locator (or you can add a section to an existing page, in which case please jump to step 4).

3. Click on the title of your new page to edit it.

4. Click on Add Section

5. Choose Files & Web -> HTML from the list of Section types and click on the Add button.

7. Once the section is added, give it a title and in the Custom Code block paste the code block you copied earlier and click the Done button.

If you are using the latest version of GoDaddy Website Builder you'll also need to set a height for the locator. We recommend 1000 pixels although you may need to tweak this for your website as shown below:

That's it, your locator should start rendering immediately in the live preview page on the left or you can hit the Preview button to view your new page