How do I sync multiple Google Sheets to my locator

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Google Sheets are very powerful and you can use any of the built in functions to generate the data that is imported to your locator. The main consideration is that the sync process takes place from only one Sheet which is the first Sheet in the Spreadsheet, so you must ensure that your store data resides there so that it can be imported correctly.

If you have data in multiple different Sheets, it is possible to use functions to automatically combine them together into the source sheet. These Sheets can be in different Spreadsheets so this gives you great flexibility when sourcing your location data.

The following formula will copy the data from two other sheets and merge them into the existing sheet. So, you would place this into cell A1 of the first sheet in the Google Sheet which is the one that is synced to your locator. Substitute the name of your Sheets with Sheet1 and Sheet2.

=query({Sheet1!A1:AE;Sheet2!A2:AE},"Select * Where Col1 <> ''")

Please note this only works when all of the sheets are in the same Google Spreadsheet.

You can add as many Sheets as you want into the formula as shown below:

=query({Sheet1!A1:AE;Sheet2!A2:AE;Sheet3!A2:AE},"Select * Where Col1 <> ''")

If you have a different or more complex requirement, please get in touch with our support team and we will endeavour to help you.