How our Ratings and Reviews system works

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Here's a breakdown of how the Ratings and Reviews system works:

Adding Reviews to your store locator

To add the star rating system to your locator, go to the Layout page and drag and drop the Rating and Reviews items to the place in the location details where you would like them to appear.

  • Rating is the Star rating from 0-5 stars
  • Reviews is the number of reviews with a link to show a window with the details of the Reviews for that location and the ability for users to submit a review.

The Reviews element is required if you want customers to be able to leave new reviews.

Customising the Reviews Popup Dialog

You can amend the text used in the review popup dialog by heading to the Text Labels page once you've followed the steps above to add the Reviews to your store locator.

Managing Reviews

You should see a menu option at the bottom left of your admin console called Ratings & Reviews which is where any reviews that have been submitted will be collated.

When a new review has been submitted, you'll get an email notification and the Ratings & Reviews page will show the new review. You can use the button bar at the top to switch between Approved and Unapproved reviews. Clicking on the tick icon will approve that review so that it becomes visible in your locator.

That's it for now, if you need to know more or have any further questions please let me know!