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Bulk importing store data

This article takes you through the process of importing your store list data for the first time.

Common upload problems

Having problems with your bulk store list uploads? This article describes common problems and how to resolve them.

Description of our Bulk Import file format

In this support article we describe the meaning of each of the fields in the Bulk Import file and present sample values for each entry.

How geocoding works during bulk store list uplodas

This article describes how the geocoding process works when you upload your store lists.

How to temporarily hide a location from your Store Locator

Sometimes you may need to temporarily hide a location from your store locator. This could be because the business is out of stock of a particular product or perhaps it only stocks your product on a seasonal basis. There's three ways you can hide a store as follows:

Using the Bulk Export / Import features to make bulk changes to your location list

If you have a large number of store locations to add, delete or update, the bulk export / import features are a great way to do this.

What is Geocoding

Before we can display your locations on the map in your store locator, our software has to convert each of your addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates. This process of converting addresses into map coordinates is called Geocoding.