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When you have a large number of locations it's important to configure your Store Locator for best performance to make it the best possible customer experience.

Custom layouts and custom elements allow you to really personalise your locator to meet your business requirements. You can create new elements with the locator and also change the order in which they appear using this feature.

Filters are a great way to allow your customers to choose which types of stores are visible in the Store Locator - for example, to only show stores which have Free WiFi or Disabled Access.

For many customers who have integrated our store locator software into their website there won't be any need to make changes to it's default appearance for it to look great on their website. However, in some cases you may want to adjust the appearance of your locator so that the fonts, colors and other style elements match your branding or website appearance. Here we describe how exactly to customize each of the elements of your locator.

By default Filters are listed in alphabetical order but you might want to order them a different way and group them under different section headings if need to be grouped logically.

A great way to align the appearance of our locator software with the branding of your website and / or business is to choose a custom Google Maps color scheme. We have a number of predefined color schemes that you can choose from and you can also define your own by uploading a color scheme or more easily, choosing one of the many hundreds of different color schemes available at a service such as

For a number of reasons it may be important to display your locations in a particular order when your store locator first loads. For example, you may want to list your largest and most popular stores first, or those that you want to direct more customers to.