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Google Maps Error: Oops! Something went wrong

When you first add our HTML embed code to your website, you may see an error message in the locator where the map would usually be saying 'Oops! Something went wrong'.

Warning that Your API keys are unprotected for Google Cloud Platform project

If you have received an email from Google with the subject "Important: Your API keys are unprotected" then here's what you should do to fix this.

Why does it take so long for my locator to update when I add new locations

You may have noticed that it can take a few minutes for your store locator to register any changes that you've made in our admin panel such as adding or removing stores or changing some of the settings.

Why isn't the My Location button accurately finding my location

The My Location button is used to automatically geolocate a user - that is, to find their position (their latitude and longitude coordinates to be precise!) on the map so that their closest store location can be identified by our software. In some cases, you may notice that this geolocation process isn't accurate, so you are shown as being in one location on the map when actually you are some distance away.